Professional Training
with Nicholas Martin, MA

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Workshop Highlights

Effective Meeting Management provides immediately applicable insights into the key elements of successful IEP teams, emphasizing:

  • 12 standard parent complaints (and more than 70 solutions)
  • The ideal IEP team: how it does what it does
  • Achieving consensus-based decision making through principled negotiation
  • Show stoppers and how to address them

Conflict Prevention and Resolution guides participants into a practical understanding of the mental/emotional aspects of the IEP team and clarifies what promotes harmony and success. Topics include:

  • Behavior “trains” and our key power points
  • Four keys to effective communication
  • The triad of conflict resolution
  • 25 prevention interventions

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Who Should Attend: school administrators; general and special education teachers; diagnosticians; physical and occupational therapists; speech pathologists; and all personnel who participate in IEP team meetings.

Workshop Objectives: to develop skills in effective meeting management and consensus decision making, and to strengthen communication styles that maximize team spirit while minimizing conflict.

Workshop Format: PowerPoint® presentations and a workshop notebook for each participant supplement group discussion and structured exercises. This practically-oriented training is designed to provide “hands-on” experience supported by personal reflection, individualized attention, and specific feedback. Participants also develop “personal action plans” to assure the carry-over of new skills and insights into the work environment.

Specific Benefits: participants will learn how to move decision making from an exchange of demands to an exploration of underlying interests, and from there towards consensus. They will learn how to increase team effectiveness while reducing dissatisfactions, formal complaints, and due process hearings. Participants will listen and share more productively and make better use of time. As a result, they will create more wisely considered IEP’s for their children, and will more fully support the implementation of the education programs they design.

FEES From $1,000 per day (less than $30 per participant).

LIMITED ENROLLMENT Because this training is designed to maximize participant involvement and benefit, there is a recommended limit of 30 participants.

ADVANCED TRAINING to support and expand on skills developed in these workshops is available in three- and six-hour modules.

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Nick has worked with me over the last few months to develop professional training for our ARC [Admissions and Release Committee] facilitators (who chair all of our special education meetings).… Feedback from evaluations has been really positive. Our facilitators say this has been the most beneficial thing we have ever done for them. They want all ARC members to have it.

Peggy Blanton, Director of Special Education (former)
Fayette County Public Schools
Lexington, Kentucky


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